It is said that the most engaged employees are “more inclined to put in the effort that translates into buzzing productivity levels, a happier sales force, and a more credible product pitch.” Employee engagement programmes are very effective in reducing staff turnover and improving productivity and efficiency, thereby helping the organization retain customers and make more profits. Most importantly, engaged employees are happier, both in their personal and professional lives.

The employee engagement programme at VFS Capital is known as PREM or Participatory Refreshing Employee Meet. It is usually held once a month at one of the eight selected branch in each area and is addressed by an HR executive. Each PREM has a series of exercises, starting with a warm-up or ice-breaking session. It addresses various relevant issues though mock plays and also involves training staff on different soft skills and leadership. It concludes with some fun activities for the employees and a Q/A session.

These employee engagement programmes aim to align the goals of the business and the ambitions of the employees.