In an ever-changing and fast-paced corporate world, training and development is an indispensable function. In VFS Capital, the following types of training programme are conducted:

Induction Training: Every operations executive (OEx) and customer service representative(CSR) is given an induction training when they join. The newcomers are told about the company’s policies, rules and practice, and also briefed about its organizational objectives, vision, mission, general terms and conditions, and rules and regulations.

On-the-Job-Training: Newcomers—especially field staff such as OEX, CSR and branch managers— get an on-the-job training for a month to 45 days, depending upon the individual’s learning curve. This training is done through the “Each-One-Teach-One” method where each trainee is posted under a trainer (senior staff) for training and guidance in their jobs.

Post-Induction Training: After CSRs and OEXs complete their on-the-job training, they are put through a post-induction training. They are given in-depth knowledge about the different types of products and processes, duties and responsibilities and hierarchy. They share their field experience and review the induction training topics.

Refresher Training (Periodic): All field staff gets a refresher course, category-wise. The objective is to help employees keep abreast of developmental changes in the company and to upgrade and enhance their knowledge and skill level. This is done based on a training-need assessment.

Customer Awareness Training or CAT: Some customers are given a customer activation training, either at the branches or the customers’ place, from time to time. The objective is to generate awareness about the current field problems, local issues regarding utilization of loan, repayment of the loan, over-lending issues and basic financial literacy.

Special Training (Skill Specific): This training is skill-specific and is done based on requirements raised by the Operation Department such as the introduction of a new product, etc.

Besides, training sessions are also held for the head office staff from time to time.