VFS Capital is one of the oldest and most reputable microfinance institutions in eastern India, having begun this work in 1996-97 and taken formal shape in 2006 as Village Financial Services. The first MFI in the east to have become an NBFC, it has nearly half a million borrowers across over 20,000 villages in 13 states.

The Journey


Formation of Village Welfare Society


Beginning of microfinance operations


VFS is formed under Section 25 of the Companies Act


Acquisition of NBFC


Reclassification by RBI as NBFC-MFI


Drafting of Vision 20-20


VFS turns into a limited company; gets Private Equity funding


VFS sees its Assets Under Management cross
Rs 1,000 crore.


Village Financial Services is renamed VFS Capital.

Business Highlights

  • Core Values
  • Highlights and Achievement
  • Outreach


We are committed to delivering value to all our stakeholders and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and those of our team and associates. This commitment is the thread that runs through our work across functional groups, hierarchies and geographies and help us leverage diverse competencies and perspectives.


Integrity is at the core of our actions and decisions so that our leadership and management are known for being fair and honest. We uphold high standards of professionalism. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity, but also sincerity and other forms of integrity as are generally understood.

Social Responsibility

As an MFI, social responsibility has to be the keystone of our arching success. Our mandate is to help the poor rural and urban women, raise their standard of living by spotting their entrepreneurial spirit and organizing them into groups that ensure responsible borrowing and spending by their members. Empathy goes a long way in achieving this.


Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies, businesses and geographies can succeed only with a high degree of transparency. No amount of leveraging diverse competencies to promote organizational unity and a vibrant culture can succeed unless our actions and finances are transparent.

VFS won the ‘Customer Service Excellence Award,” presented by ABP News.

VFS won the Best financial inclusion initiative of the year – by NBFC award in the ETBFSI Excellence Awards 2019.

Kuldip Maity, Managing Director and CEO of VFS, was judged as the Champion of Change by former Chief Justice of India, K G Balakrishnan Committee for his exemplary work in aspirational districts of India. The honor was bestowed upon him by honorable Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu.

Kuldip Maity, MD & CEO, was adjudged as the “CEO of the Year” by ABP News Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Awards held on 28th November 2018.

VFS was awarded for being the “Most admired service provider in the financial service sector ” by ABP News Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Awards,2018.

VFS Capital Ltd., formerly Village Financial Services Ltd, is committed to reach out to every Indian from marginalised and poverty-stricken areas of the country. Thus, the company has taken a concerted effort to grow organically. By strategically spreading its business across 240 branches in the states of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttarakhand and West Bengal, the company aims to reach out to a maximum number of aspirational districts, where some of the poorest Indians live. It is discernible from the scale of operations of the company, that quality counts for a lot more than just quantity. Thus, the outreach strategy used by VFS Capital is that of continuous improvement of their borrowers. This is reflected in the way that the company expands its branch network, as effective research is done to ensure that those areas are found where the poorest and neediest borrowers can be found.

Thus, effectively the company has ensured the most amount of organic growth in a way that will reach out to the greatest number of Indians.

VFS Capital Products

  • Briddhi Loan
  • Sri Briddhi Loan
  • Sambriddhi Loan


Rate of Interest

12 months



Processing Fee

Rs 10,000 – 30,000

Loan Amount

Joint Liability Group

Loan Type


Rate of Interest

24 months



Processing Fee

Rs 32,000 – 60,000

Loan Amount

Joint Liability Group

Loan Type


Rate of Interest

24 months



Processing Fee

Rs 50,000 – 200,000

Loan Amount


Loan Type

Our Happy Entrepreneurs

Anamika Panda and her family had been living in extreme poverty, with income from only three goats, when she took her first loan from VFS Capital to increase the herd. Their fortunes looked up. Today, with the income from 39 goats and 2 cows, she can dream of giving her children a decent life and proper schooling.

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