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Corporate Social Responsibity

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VFS Capital Ltd, besides providing microfinance loans, continually strives to uphold a strong corporate culture that emphasizes the integration of CSR values with business objectives. To create a sustainable future, the company is working towards accomplishing a balance between corporate practices and community welfare.

To achieve the goal of sustainability, it pursues initiatives to eradicate hunger and poverty; promote preventive healthcare and make available safe drinking water; promote education, including special education, train women in vocational skills, promote gender equality, and pursue programs that empower women and build projects for environmental protection.

To fulfil the social responsibility, the company independently as well as jointly (with partnering institutions) intercedes to bring change. VFS’s social interventions are not limited to their clients; instead, the company tries to cater to the entire community. From time to time, the company seeks feedback from the community to make the social initiatives sustainable.


To create livelihood opportunities and improve the quality of life of the poor through social development projects.

Main Focus Areas

  • Community Infrastructure Development Projects
  • Environmental Projects
  • Public Amenities, Health and Hygiene
  • Promoting Education
  • Social Welfare