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Core Values

VFS Core Values
VFS Commitment


We are committed to delivering value to all our stakeholders and hold ourselves accountable for our actions and those of our team and associates. This commitment is the thread that runs through our work across functional groups, hierarchies, and geographies and helps us leverage diverse competencies and perspectives.


Integrity is at the core of our actions and decisions so that our leadership and management are known for being fair and honest. We uphold high standards of professionalism. Integrity for us means not only financial and intellectual integrity but also sincerity and other forms of integrity as are generally understood.

VFS Integrity
VFS Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility has been the keystone of our arching success as an organization. Our mandate is to help the poor rural and underprivileged, raise their standard of living by spotting their entrepreneurial spirit and organizing them into groups that ensure responsible borrowing and spending by their members. Empathy goes a long way in achieving this.


Thinking and working together across functional groups, hierarchies, businesses, and geographies can succeed only with a high degree of transparency. No amount of leveraging diverse competencies to promote organizational unity and a vibrant culture can succeed unless our actions and finances are transparent.

VFS Transparency